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New client tools coming! Plus a note about turn time and rush fees

Greetings! We hope everyone had a FABULOUS Labor Day weekend (we sure did!) Now that it’s time to get back to work, we wanted to forward some news about some website updates coming your way, and discuss a mundane but important topic: how long will it take for you to complete my job?

First, our website. We will be creating expanded information to help clients prepare jobs for printing, including print specs and file setup FAQs. We’ll be adding these slowly over the next couple of weeks – so for those of you designing your own jobs, or even sending photographs to be used on jobs, these documents will not only help you prepare your file for proper printing, but explain why a certain photograph or logo may reproduce wonderfully while another is of poor quality.

Secondly…that dreaded topic – deadlines and rush fees. Depending on job, our turn times usually vary between 2-4 days, with a few custom printing jobs taking a bit longer than that. Some projects simply require a certain amount of time; for instance, a lot of our printed vinyl must dry for 24 hours before being applied to a substrate such as coroplast or metal; there’s just no getting around this. With our website update, we’ll be introducing a section detailing turn times for each type of job we specialize in printing, and a tiered rush fee system for clients needing jobs prior to that published turn time. Our business has steadily grown over the past year, and we’re pleased to report that our printers are usually completely scheduled for a workday 2-3 days in advance. If a client needs a job the next day, someone else’s job must be bumped to accommodate that rush job. Which means the client that was bumped may not get their project when anticipated. Our rush fees will be tiered depending upon need-by date; for instance, on a job that has a published turn time of 3 days, if that job is needed within 2 days the rush fee is a certain percentage, and if it’s needed next day it is another, increased, percentage.

Again, these turn times will be published on this site, communicated to clients who send us jobs, and reiterated on proofs sent to clients. We anticipate rolling out this system two weeks from today, which is Monday, September 15th. As our job list continues to grow with each passing month (on any given day, we now have 30-40 different jobs active in our system, many of which require multiple items), we are going to have to evolve to handle the increased workload. We will be happy to work with you on a tight deadline, but if we have to bump already-scheduled jobs to complete a rush job, we simply have to create a system for it.

We pride ourselves on very quick turn times compared to other print shops in the area, and we also pride ourselves on our incredibly competitive pricing! We look forward to working with you on your next project and unveiling our expanded website with multiple new customer tools and tiered pricing.

Since any blog update is worthless without pictures, below is a recent job we did for Burton’s Bait and Tackle in Smithville, MO – a window perf job for their front door, to help block the morning sun (and add some added marketing for the business!). Our website update will include a gallery section to show off the various types of work we do for clients!

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