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At Printing and Shipping Solutions, we try to make your project as quick and easy for you as possible.  That said, with so many different types of  services, our customers often have printing and shipping questions.  Below are the most common questions we receive.  If you do not find the answer to a question you have, please call us at 816-532-5010 or e-mail us at


Shipping FAQ

Fedexshipcenter*What types of shipping do you offer?  We offer UPS, FedEx and USPS.

*Can you package my item for shipment?  Yes, we would be more than happy to package your items for shipment. We carry a wide variety of boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials.

*Do you accept prepaid drop-offs?  Can I get a receipt for my drop-off?  We accept drop-offs with prepaid labels at no charge and receipts are available on request.

*I need to bill the recipient or a 3rd party for the shipment. Can you do that?  We can, however you will have to fill out and complete a UPS or FedEx shipping form and you will need the appropriate account numbers.  You can also go online with UPS or FedEx and complete the form and print the shipping label.

*What type(s) of insurance is offered for my shipment?  UPS and FedEx packages automatically come with $100 insurance. USPS comes with $50 insurance. Additional insurance may be purchased when we process your shipment.

*I need it there tomorrow. Can you ship overnight?  Yes we can provided your shipment arrives at our location prior to 4:00 p.m.

*When are your pickup times?  Our Fed Ex pickup is 1:00 p.m., UPS is 4:00 p.m. and FedEx Express is 4:30 p.m.

*I need the recipient to sign for the package. Can you do that?  Yes we can!

*How can I make sure I have tracking information for my shipment?  On UPS and FedEx shipments that originate at our location, you will provided with a tracking number. If you have a pre-paid label for UPS or FedEx, you would have received your tracking number when you printed your shipping label. At this time, we can not provide tracking for USPS shipments.

*Is there any kind of shipment you cannot accept?  We do not accept DHL shipments.


Copy Services FAQ

*How much are your color copies? Black and white?  Our color copies are .59 each and black and white copies are .11 for full service copies.  Self service black and white copies are .08 per page.

*Why are color copies so expensive?  The production costs for color copies are significantly higher than a simple black and white copy.  Color copies a very often detailed and the costs of the machines and color toners to properly produce these high quality copies  is much more expensive.

*Can you print my file for me?  Yes we can! You can either e-mail us your file or bring a file you have to us on a USB or flash drive.

*Can you make my presentation into a booklet?  Yes we can.  We have a number of choices when it comes to copy presentation.


Printing Services FAQ

*What is your usual turnaround time?  Our normal turnaround time for printed materials is 72 hours after your approval of your design.  Some specialty items, such as flags and table cloths make take up to 5 days.  Last minute or rush jobs will be subject to rush fees.

NTRC banner*Do you accept “camera ready” artwork?  Yes we do. Keep in mind that although artwork that may appear “camera ready” may not appear as clear and crisp as you would like if they are not presented in high enough resolution. We will work with you to make sure your finished media appears like you want it.

*What are your file preparation guidelines?  For banners and signage (including posters), a .eps (with fonts outlined) or high resolution .pdf are preferred.  Proofs will be sent for all jobs including those designed by the customer.  Customer or third party prepared files are printed as is upon approval of proof.  If customer is providing art-ready files, we are not responsible for typographical errors, graphics with inadequate resolution or inaccurate colors.  For PSS-designed projects, we are not responsible for typographical or other errors after customer proof approval.  Proof approval for any project constitutes approval to initiate printing.  Any changes after proof approval will be subject to additional charges.

Banner*Can you design my banner/sign/project for me?  Yes. We have a trained graphic designer on staff with more than 18 years of graphic design and marketing experience to ensure that your finished project delivers the message that you are trying to send.  Please note that true graphic design of a project from scratch takes time.  If you are having a logo, company image, business sign or other project designed, it will reflect on your business or event for years to come.  We take pride in our graphic design and want to make sure it delivers the message you want to conveyed.  Therefore, we highly recommend if you are coming to us with a design project that you be prepared to invest some time in letting us make sure you get the finished product you had imagined.

*I need a project printed by tomorrow. Can you help me?  Maybe.  We offer so many services that it is possible that many jobs can be completed quickly.  For example, some copy jobs can be done quickly, however producing a large business sign can not.  Remember that large print jobs, such as banners and large signs require tremendous amounts of ink and some of them take time to properly cure and dry.  Additionally, there are many times where we experience extremely high volume and every customer’s project is important to us.  We realize that there are times where emergencies and last minute projects come up and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you, however sometimes volume does not permit this to happen.  Rush charges for such jobs will apply.

Tipsy*What types of signs do you print?  The easier question might be what kinds of signs do we not print.  Basically, if it is a sign, we can handle it.  From yard signs to banners to large business signs and everything in between, we handle it all.  If you are a business with an existing lighted box sign, we also offer sign replacement and we include a free inspection of your lighting components to make sure that your sign is lit so your sign is properly displayed.  We are also proud to offer new LED lighting for both sign replacements and new lit signs.

*Do you print business cards? Brochures? Postcards?  Yes, again, if it is printed, we do it.  Business cards, tri-fold brochures, rack cards, postcards, you name it, we print it.


Miscellaneous FAQ

*Can you fax a document for me?  Yes, we can fax documents and receive faxes for you at our location.

Promo items*Do you have promotional items such as mugs, hats, pens, t-shirts, etc?  Yes we do!  Pretty much if you can imagine it and it is printed in some way, we do it.  We offer a large selection of promotional items in addition to our other products.

*Can you copy and print large blueprints?  Yes we can.  You can either bring the blue print into the shop and we will copy it or send us the file and we will print it for you.  At this time we do not offer color large format blue print copies.

SGAvinyl*Do you make and install vehicle graphics?  We do make vehicle, boat and RV graphics.  We also offer installation with our products however depending on the size of the graphic install some installations will be done at another location.



If you have any additional questions about our products and services, feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 816-532-5010.



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