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Take control of your marketing and develop your business in 2019

Mike Davis and Jim Dickerson discuss marketing and business development in 2019 on 102.7FM – KPGZ

If you are looking for tips on how to market and develop your business in 2019 without destroying your entire marketing budget, join Mike Davis and Jim Dickerson as they took to Kearney Live on 102.7FM – KPGZ, and discussed ways to help take control of your marketing and develop your business in 2019. They discussed brand awareness, strengthening sales and evaluating your brand objectively.

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PSS Featured on the Kearney Business Spotlight

The Kearney Business Spotlight gives listeners of 102.7 FM, KPGZ to listen and learn about their Kearney business neighbors. They interview and feature a different Kearney business each week at noon on Mondays with a rebroadcast on Fridays at noon. You can hear fascinating insights from local business owners who help make Kearney and the surrounding area a great place to live and work.

A recent Kearney Business Spotlight featured Printing, Shipping and Signs owner Nancy Ellerman.  In this segment, Nancy explains everything from how to easily and properly ship your packages to make sure they arrive undamaged and on time all the way to the best way to get that perfect logo, design, sign or banner designed and displayed in a way that best promotes your business.

Listen to the Kearney Business Spotlight featuring Printing, Shipping and Signs!

A note about keeping your print project on track!

Proper file preparation prevents headaches on both ends of the job process!

Proper file preparation prevents headaches on both ends of the job process!

We always strive to provide a quick turnaround for our customers. There are a number of things that you can do, as the customer, to keep your job from being delayed; these are a few of the issues I’ve dealt with in recent weeks in pre-production.

1. Timely approval of proofs. The turn time on your job does not start until we receive approval back from you. We will give you an anticipated timeframe in which you can expect to receive your proof; please keep checking your email during this time and get back to us with either approval or any needed changes as soon as possible.

2. Print-ready files that are truly print-ready. If you are doing the layout or design on your job, please do us a favor and download my guide to preparing your file for print here. I recommend HIGHLY against sending Word documents; there are simply too many versions floating around and your project may end up with a formatting issue. A good alternative is to submit your document as a PDF. If you are working in a graphics program such as Illustrator or Photoshop, PLEASE (and I can’t stress this enough), outline your fonts. If you are using InDesign, package your file so the fonts are included. We have a lot of different fonts here, but if we don’t have yours, your file will default to a system font and will not look as you intended it to look. And finally, if you need a project printed at a certain size, please save it as that size! I’ve spent a lot of time recently resizing customer files, trying to locate fonts, and dealing with other pre-press issues that take a lot of time. Not only do we have to charge a setup fee when your job isn’t set up correctly, since we’re spending our time adapting it, it also eats up a LOT of time. If the file were to arrive ready to go, we probably would have already had it printed. This is perhaps the number one issue that we have to adjust deadlines backwards from what we originally told the client; opening the file and finding nasty surprises.

We have set turn times for all projects that are detailed on our job ticket, downloadable here. Keep in mind that these turn times are based on either a) jobs that we are laying out in our shop, or b) jobs that are sent truly print ready. If we have to make a lot of adjustments to customer files, these turn times can and do extend especially during times of high workload. Ensuring that your file is truly ready to go when you send it will ensure that we can turn your job quickly, which is of course what we all want!

– Sarah Dickerson, Print and Production Manager


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